Homesteading – A dream…


I wouldn’t say the idea of homesteading  just cropped up one fine day…I guess it was dormant for a long time and now the urge seems to be building up strong enough not to ignore it anymore.

So just like anyone starting something new, I have been reading up a lot about homesteading and all the logistics regarding maintaining the same because its not some hobby you can start and decide to leave mid-way just because it got too tiring or boring or whatever. I also understood how difficult it is to start something without much guidance or reference points or any step-by-step manual to help us guide along the way. And this is precisely why I decided to chronicle my journey of homesteading through my blog here.

So read along and discover all the things we did to set up our homestead. Hope this helps.

Happy homesteading…


This is the little coconut farm we bought on an impulse on a bright sunny morning and since then the dream of living on this farm just doesn’t let me sleep.

The first thing for me was to come up with a name for our beautiful coconut farm and I am not going to lie, the name “Kalpavriksha” just popped-up in my head instantly. I always liked that name and the meaning behind the name was too good for me to pass up. The word Kalpavriksha means a “divine wish-fulfilling tree” as per Hindu Mythology. Mythology aside, in Sanskrit coconut palm is considered as “Kalpa vriksha” which is defined as “the tree that provides all the necessities of life”. So that just did it for us; An apt name for our farm.


Now that the naming was done, we had a lot to figure out. Fencing, electricity and water-supply for the farm…which were the most basic things needed to be put in place to start our farm dream going.

As the purchase of the farm itself was a bit of a stretch for us, we decided to stick to some basic fencing which wouldn’t cost us our life savings…


As getting electricity supply seemed like something that would take quite a while, we decided to go ahead with setting up a borewell first to take care of the water needs. Somehow that didn’t take as much time as we anticipated and we were greatly successful in getting a local vendor to set-up a borewell for us.


The work started bright and early and after a few observations on how deep the water is found in this area, the work men got on to their job. After inquiring around we found that the nearby bores had water at less than 50 feet. Hence, we thought we could also go for shorter depth and started with 9 inch bore using a manual drill. After drilling for about 10 feet, they found it to be all rocks and after spending almost 10 hours, we had to give up and go for some alternate option. After further contemplation, we decided to make it a 12 inch bore for about 150 ft and use much more powerful drilling machines the next day. The machines were so powerful that within a couple of hours we had dug up more than 100 ft and saw water gushing out. What a sight that was!!!


We were thrilled to bits to see the water gushing out after the successful setting-up of the borewell.

So far so good…we thought. But not for long. The wait for electricity supply is taking way too long to get processed through the local government bodies. And I mean way…too…long. Almost a year and a half! Can you believe this? Its really depressing to see that due to this one hitch, we are unable to live our dream of living on a farm!


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