Mothering…A fiercely universal emotion- #Wordlesswednesday


This is such a powerful emotion and a unique bond shared by a mother and child, irrespective of which species it belongs to. I got just a couple of seconds to click this picture on our way up the hair-pin loops of Ooty hills. I didn’t want to disturb them or threaten them by my presence or my camera and therefore, the quality of picture might not be good but I love this capture.

Thought this would be perfect for my #wordlesswednesday post.

Linking it to Natasha & Esha of #WordlessWednesday


15 thoughts on “Mothering…A fiercely universal emotion- #Wordlesswednesday

    1. Thank you so much Esha. So happy you liked it. I already feel bad about invading their territory in the hills for our amusement…and besides that intruding on them with our cameras and stares is definitely not acceptable, isn’t it? Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts with me. So glad to have connected with you.


      1. I have posted a picture on this species almost three years ago. Not many people have read it because I had just started and didn’t have much readers. It was about this species with respect to the city.

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