First step – Learning tricks of the trade

Finally after weeks of postponing and rescheduling our meeting with Mr. Venugopal of, my husband and I met him at his farm in Thirukazhukundram.
We started from home early in the morning around 6:00 AM. After following directions on GPS and reaching the closest point we called him and he guided us over the phone. After a 45 min travel, we found him waiting for us in the cross roads and lead us to the farm from there on. Once we reached the farmland, he walked us through the 12 acre property covered with trees.
It was just a half-hour tour but we could get a fair idea about how knowledgeable Mr. Venugopal was from the wealth of information he shared with us. His expertise in farming seemed evident from the ease with which he was combining traditional wisdom and scientific knowledge, all the while casually walking us through and showing us around the place.
We came across a huge well that took care of irrigation in the farm and there was a small man-made pond too meant for rearing fish.
We were pleasantly surprised to know that our farm was so close to this place and it was therefore easy to show him our farm too. We did have a good discussion on how to go about starting our organic garden.
A fruitful start to our dream project…
Now only if the electricity problem gets solved, we could actually be able to start something.


18 thoughts on “First step – Learning tricks of the trade

    1. Oh it is Neha! It’s so interesting to be able to grow plants from seeds and then see them bear flowers and then fruits. Its a great feeling …nothing like anything you have experienced before. Thank you so much for sharing my excitement for this journey of mine. I have updated quite a lot on this. Do let me know what you think. Would love to hear from you.

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    1. Yes I do Holly! And I have updated a lot about it in the recent months… about my dreams of living on a farm and how it is slowly turning into a reality. Do stop by and read some of them whenever you find time. It would be great to hear your views on them.

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