An Urban Farmer. Aspiring Homesteader. Award winning Blogger. Amateur Painter. Home-Chef.  Dreamer.

I live in Chennai, India, with my wonderful husband and two lovely kids. A former teacher and a lover of all things beautiful and creative, I have varied interests. Apart from being an avid reader, I love gardening, painting, cooking, travelling and jotting down my random musings which keeps me wonderfully busy.

My recent interest in homesteading seems to be taking up a lot of my dream space lately. Living in a beautiful farmhouse surrounded by fruit trees, a vegetable garden and lots of flowering shrubs is what I dream of. I am currently working towards balancing the art of being an Urban city-dweller and a homesteader in a nearby country-side. With all this craziness going, I am happiest being a mother and a wife, as my world revolves around my family and their love is what makes the world go round for me.